Find collation of database [SQL SERVER]

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SQL Server Find Collation of Database: Here in this article we see how to find the collation of particular Database in SQL server 2008 r2. Finding Collation of SQL Server is very helpful when you need to change the Collation at the Database Level.  Assume you have to join two different table from two different Database Server, this joins works only if both SQL Server table same collation for this we need to view its collation and if necessary need to alter the collation of tables having the different collation.

SQL QUERY: To View Collation of Database in SQL SERVER

SELECT DATABASEPROPERTYEX('AdventureWorks', 'Collation') 

Find Collation of Database in SQL Server 2008, 2012 , 2014

Here in my case its shows SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS you may also get Latin1_General_CI_AS 

Other Reference:  View Collation Information.

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